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Help me understand my bone health situation.

Dr. Brown is here as your advocate to help you understand the real state of your bone health and to guide you in organizing a step-by-step program to build bone strength naturally, the way nature intended. See all our consultation offerings.

  * Our support staff will reach out by the next business day after purchase to get you started on your support package. 

Our Foundations Support Package ($350) includes:

Better Bones Solution 4-Day Workshop (Learn More)

Our Foundations Plus Support Package ($650) includes:

Better Bones Solution 4-Day Workshop (Learn More)

60 Minute One-On-One Consultation with Dr. Brown


Our Personalized Support Package ($700includes:

Initial Consultation with Dr. Brown

Follow up Consultation with Dr. Brown

Alkaline For Life Diet Starter Kit


In your first appointment

Dr. Brown will go into your complete medical history and try to identify any hidden causes of bone loss. She will review with you your labs and DEXAs to help you better understand what is going on and to calm your fears about bone loss.  She will also carefully tailor an action plan for you including all 6 steps of the Better Bones, Better Body Program.

A completely personalized nutrient protocol based on the information you send. Feel confident that you are taking the proper supplements for your body and do not need to fuss trying to put it together yourself. 

A comprehensive Better Bones, Better Body® 6-step action plan customized to your specific needs and health concerns delivered by Dr. Susan Brown PhD.

Suggestions on further medical testing that might help you find the hidden causes of your bone loss.

Unparalleled client and community. Talk directly to Dr. Brown’s long-time assistants who know the ins and outs of these protocols and can compassionately help you implement your plan. They know that this is a process and they will help you every step of the way.