Better Bones Builder - New Formula! (Now Capsules)


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    — How It Works —

    — Better Bones Builder Contains —

    • A multivitamin and mineral formula with Magnafolate®-C - a biologically active form of folate, an essential B vitamin, that’s easier for your body to process and use.
    • Optimal amounts of each key nutrient necessary for women with greater risk for bone health issues.
    • Additional vitamin D3, vitamin K1 and K2, calcium, magnesium, and important companion ingredients that promote bone strength, density, and flexibility.
    • Bone-supporting mineral complexes in their most alkalizing forms to enhance your body’s pH balance.

    The Center for Better Bones and Women's Health Network are committed to formulating all products with the following quality standards:

    — Science-Based —

    Better Bones Builder has been a landmark formula since Dr. Brown created it years ago. It was then, and still is today, the finest natural bone support formula available anywhere.

    Builder sums up everything Dr. Brown has learned over 30+ years of research on bone health and she continues to stay up to date on the latest bone health research and make improvements to the formula to assure that it remains the most effective intensive strength supplement available.