Complete Better Bones Solution— 4 Online Course Bundle

Dr. Brown's Entire Bone Strengthening Series
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Don't let another year go by without learning the proven, natural method to building better bones + a better body! Developed by Dr. Brown over four decades, these four courses are all you will need to  empower yourself, to tackle your bone health concern, and to lose the fear for good!

 The Details:

Begin building your natural bone health program + save with Dr. Brown's complete bone health journey bundle. Save $ 44 (orig. $519).  Plus get four incredible bonuses ($210 value) to help ensure your success!

Our Complete Bone Health Journey online course bundle contains all four courses you will need to build and implement your personalized natural bone health program and maintain your natural bone health journey lifelong. With the purchase of this bundle, you will gain LIFETIME ACCESS to the following:

  • Course #1 — Dr. Brown's Better Bones Solution 
Past attendees are raving about this program, and now we have turned it into an online course! Learn all 6 natural bone-building steps Dr. Susan Brown has successfully used with clients for more than 30 years (+ more!):
  1. How to Assess Your Case
  2. The Alkaline Diet
  3. The 20 Key Bone-Building Nutrients
  4. Stress Management & Bone Health
  5. Digestion & Detoxification
  6. Exercising for Bone Health
In Dr. Brown's Better Bones Solution Online Course, you will learn and develop your own personalized, natural bone health program under the guidance of the bone health expert and nutritionist herself. This online course will get you started on the road to a healthier and more vibrant you and will be your pathway to self-empowerment, better bone health, renewed vitality, and overall wellness. Now is the time to take action. No one cares about your health as much as you do!

**Bonus — We will mail you the 108-page manual that accompanies this course. This binder is also a great place to store all medical documents related to your bone health journey so you can stay on top of your progress.
  • Course #2 — Osteo Lab Tests: Find Your Hidden Causes

There are a number of medical problems that can cause, or contribute to, bone loss. To better understand any undetected causes of bone loss, it is important to obtain a medical workup for osteoporosis. Many times, we find there is no real excessive bone weakening, rather just normal bone loss. Nonetheless, the suggestion, and often demand, that a woman use bone drugs offers a good opportunity for you to ask the physician to conduct a standard medical work-up searching for the causes of bone loss. After taking this online course, you'll feel better equipped to discuss these tests with your doctor.

  • Course #3 — Bone Density: Understanding Your Report

If you recently had a DEXA scan to measure your bone density, you may be confused by what the results really mean. Is low bone density an inevitable first step toward osteoporosis? Are these results telling you that you’re going to fracture? And why is your doctor using your DEXA to prescribe a bone drug — are your results that bad? Whatever your situation, we want to reassure you that knowledge is power when it comes to your bone density test results. In this online course, Dr. Susan Brown leads you through a step-by-step, illustrated video detailing what your bone density test is all about. After taking this online course, you will know what your test results mean and what the test tells you about your skeletal health and your real risk of fracture. You might even know more than your doctor!

  • Course #4 — Alkaline Diet: Doorway to Optimum Health

One simple pH measurement can be the doorway that leads to chronic illness or perfect health. If you are ready to move from just merely surviving to fully thriving, join us for this step-by-step online course. Dr. Susan Brown, PhD, author of the best selling book, The Acid Alkaline Food Guide, brings you details on HOW to implement this groundbreaking alkalizing mineral diet, WHY your bone health and overall health depend on it, and why all the doctors GET IT WRONG.

**Bonus One (1) 30-minute call with our Certified Health Coach, Gina Galli RYT, to work through your nutrient regimen. ($75 value)

**Bonus — Access to one (1) group office hours session with Dr. Brown where you can ask her your personalized questions. ($35 value)

**Bonus — Special Better Bones Solution student discount ($100 off) on a full consultation with Dr. Brown if you still need help after you finish the course! ($100 value)

**Bonus — Entrance into the private Better Bones Solution Student/Attendee "Tribe." Create community with other participants who are implementing the 6 steps of the Better Bones, Better Body® program! (Priceless!)