Better Bones Starter Kit


Bring your best bones to menopause. Did you know that the average woman loses 8-10% of her bone mass in the years around menopause? And some women with accelerated bone loss can lose up to 20%? Give your bones added support right when they need it most. The Better Bones Starter Kit comes with everything you need to help ensure your bones are at their best before you enter menopause – giving you a head start to keeping your bones healthy and strong. 

Your kit includes:

Better Bones Basics - Our exclusive osteo support formula safely and effectively supports women’s bone health with key nutrients in the right amounts for everyday use. Formulated with ideal amounts of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium, Better Bones Basics also includes other essential bone-building minerals at therapeutic levels, along with nutrients to optimize absorption and bone-building support.

pH Test Kit - This handy and complete little kit is all you need to test your pH levels every day to see how your diet and lifestyle (including exercise, sleep, stress, toxin exposure) are affecting your body and bone health. Many experts say that the standard American diet and lifestyle are highly acidifying, a condition that changes the pH balance of your blood and tissues. To neutralize excess acid, your body depends on your bones and draws out their stored mineral compounds, including calcium. This is very hard on your bones. If you are “too acidic” a lot of the time, your bones are constantly being tapped for alkalizing minerals. That leads to bone loss and, ultimately, to osteoporosis. 

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