Ultimate Allergy Bundle — Special Offer (Approx. 3 Month Supply)

Save $45.50

Get started with your natural allergy solution and breeze through allergy season!


New!! pH Testing Strips: pH reading is an indirect measure of body mineral levels. This is because the minerals are attached to alkalizing compounds.

One Large Bottle of Alkalini-C: Our premier alkalizing anti-histamine vitamin C powder. This is our groundbreaking product that all our clients love and will not be without! (16 oz.)

One Large Bottle of Relieve+Repair:  A potent antioxidant explosion. One of the strongest antioxidants on the market providing as many antioxidants as 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in just 1 tabsule. (180 tabs) 

One Triple Zinc+: Only Triple Zinc+ can enhance immune cells to fight allergies & relieve symptoms.  Zinc also help to deliver quercetin into the cell where it can do its job!

One Large Bottle of Ionized Magnesium:  This magnesium is crafted in alkalizing forms and is bioavailable and absorbable. (60 tabs)