Alkaline for Life® Diet Starter Kit

All You Need To Start An Alkaline Diet

Dr. Brown's Alkaline for Life® Diet Starter Kit contains everything you need to estimate your acid load and to achieve optimum pH balance:

  • The Acid Alkaline Food Guide, 2nd Dr. Susan Brown and Larry Trivieri Jr.
  • One Roll of pHydrion® Test Paper
  • Our e-booklet 9 Recipes to Alkalize Today (also available online)
  • Importance of Alkaline for Life® Diet
  • Optimizing Your Biochemistry through Diet
  • Alkalizing Meal Suggestions
  • Selected articles on pH and Bone Health
  • pH Testing Record Sheet
  • Sample Acid-Alkaline Food Chart

Need to know how to test your pH? Read our article on How to Test Your pH.

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