At Alkaline for Life, we are deeply committed to delivering not only effective but also safe and high-quality health and wellness products. To ensure this commitment is met consistently, we employ rigorous third-party testing for all our products. Here's why this matters to us and, more importantly, to you:

1. Unbiased Quality Assurance: Third-party testing is conducted by independent organizations that have no affiliation with us. This ensures an unbiased evaluation of our products, guaranteeing that what you receive is of the highest standard.

2. Your Trust, Our Priority: We understand that trust is the foundation of our relationship with you. Independent testing assures you that our products are exactly what we claim them to be, fostering a bond of trust between us.

3. Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to regulatory standards is not just a legal obligation but a moral one. Third-party testing ensures that all our products meet, and often exceed, industry and legal standards.

4. Safety First: Your health and safety are paramount. By having our products undergo rigorous testing, we ensure they are free from harmful contaminants and impurities. Your wellbeing is always our top priority.

5. Continuous Improvement: Feedback from these tests helps us in continuously improving our products. We're committed to innovation and excellence, and third-party testing helps us stay on the cutting edge.

In summary, third-party testing is a critical step in our commitment to you – ensuring safety, quality, and trust. When you choose our products, you’re not just choosing efficacy; you’re choosing peace of mind.

Thank you for trusting us with your health and wellness needs. We are honored to be a part of your journey towards a healthier and happier life.

Certificates of Analysis

Adaptogenic Adrenal Balance 07/23

Alkalini-C  10/23

Alkalini-C Tabs 06/23

Alkalizing Minerals 04/22

Beauty Minerals 05/23

Beauty & Bone Marine Collagen 10/23

Cellular D-3 Drops 09/23

Collagen Generator 10/22

Energized Multi + 02/24

Energized Multi + Chewables 06/23

Energized Multi + Men's 06/22

Energized Zinc  07/23

Essential Choline 09/23

Glucose Balance+ 8/22

Herbal Digest Drops  02/22

Joint Calm 12/22

K2 (MK-7) 09/23

Liver Protect 07/23

Mighty Omega 1000 Capsules 10/24

Mighty Omega 2500 Liquid 1/25

Mind & Mood 12/22

Peak Glutamine PAK 12/22

Peak Prebiotic Fiber + 04/23

Peak Probiotic + 09/23

Relieve + Repair 11/23

Rest Well 08/20

Rise Well 03/20

Triple Detox+ 04/23

Triple Zinc + 12/23

Vital Prostate + 08/22