Ultimate Alkaline Bundle—Webinar Special Offer

Learn how to test your pH + alkalize
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Get started alkalizing & thriving with this easy kit. 

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This Starter Kit Includes:

Alkaline Diet Starter Kit, which comes with Dr. Brown's go-to manual for identifying acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods -- The Acid Alkaline Food Guide. Plus 1 roll of our pH paper to track your progress.

One Starter Bottle of Alkalizing Minerals+: Our go-to alkalizing multi-mineral formula. (100 tabs)

One Starter Bottle of Alkalini-C: Our premier alkalizing vitamin C powder. This is our groundbreaking product that all our clients love and will not be without! (8 oz.)

One Starter Bottle of Relieve+Repair:  A potent antioxidant explosion. One of the strongest antioxidants on the market providing as many antioxidants as 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in just 1 tabsule. (90 tabs)

Bonus: We are adding one starter bottle of our Ionized Magnesium. This magnesium is crafted in alkalizing forms and is bioavailable and absorbable. (60 tabs)

 A $187.50 value for only $177.50 and free shipping!

Plus . . . don't forget you can save an extra 15% ($26.62) with the code Alkalize2021 at checkout!