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6 Steps to Building
Stronger Bones,

6 Steps to Building Stronger Bones, Naturally

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In Person Retreats with Dr. Brown

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August 4th–7th, 2022
The Art of Living Retreat Center
Boone, North Carolina

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November 3rd–6th, 2022
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
The Berkshires, Massachusetts


In-Person Retreats with Dr. Brown

Learn More and Register Here!

August 4th–7th, 2022
The Art of Living Retreat Center
Boone, North Carolina

Learn More and Register Here!

November 3rd–6th, 2022
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
The Berkshires, Massachusetts



Under the Guidance of Dr. Susan Brown

At Dr. Brown's Better Bones Solution Online Workshop, you will develop your own personalized, natural bone health program under the guidance of bone health expert and nutritionist, Dr. Susan Brown. This Online Workshop will get you started on the road to a healthier and more vibrant you and will be your pathway to self-empowerment, better bone health, renewed vitality, and overall wellness. Now is the time to take action. No one cares about your health as much as YOU do!


Better Bones Solution Online Workshop

8 Virtual, Live Lecture Sessions

Learn each of the 6 steps of the Better Bones, Better Body program in depth and personalize each step to fit your life & bone health needs. All lecture sessions will be recorded and available for download.

Bone-Building Exercise Workshops

Exercise—one of the most important steps of the program! Exercise expert Gina Galli RYT will lead you through bone-building exercise classes.

Daily Q+A Sessions with Dr. Brown

Do you have questions you are dying to get answered? Take advantage of this rare opportunity to ask Dr. Brown herself!

Relationship Building Opportunities

You are not alone! Talk to and help support other participants who are experiencing the same thing.

Complete Course Materials

These course materials will be mailed to you and will include: a course binder, Exercise Evolution video downloads from Gina Galli RYT, and an Alkaline Diet Starter Kit.

Intensive Supplement Protocol

You will receive a copy of our intensive supplement protocol, personalized for you to use or adapt as your own bone-building nutrient plan.


Essential 6 Steps of a Natural Bone Building Program

Is your bone loss normal or excessive? What does your bone density test really tell you? Are you losing excessive bone right now? Are you at risk of needless osteoporotic fracture? If so, what are the reasons for any existing bone weakening? Have you been given a good medical workup looking for the hidden causes of bone loss? Should you consider bone drugs? These are all items Dr. Brown will help you assess in this workshop.

pH balance is a well documented factor highly influencing aging bone loss. In this workshop, Dr. Brown will teach you how to assess your acid-base balance and how to develop a bone and muscle preserving alkaline diet. Our Alkaline Diet Starter Kit, which will get mailed to you before the retreat begins, makes it easy for you to understand the importance of pH balance and to successfully alkalize.

Dozens of nutrients are essential for optimal bone health, and most of these we seriously under-consume. Maximization of all key bone-building nutrients is essential, as is the correct balance between nutrients and the proper, alkalizing form of each nutrient. In this retreat, Dr. Brown will go over her intense supplement protocol to help you rebuild your bones naturally. Retreat attendees will get a discount on this protocol.

Our amazing body is formed from the foods we eat, digest and assimilate. Strong digestion is essential for delivering the nutrients and energy essential to maintain and build bone. Toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, plasticizers, petrochemicals and the like each have their own way of interfering with cellular functioning and utilization of our nutrients. In this workshop, you will learn how to build digestive strength and detoxify the body.

Science documents that our bones respond to the load put upon them and that exercise builds bone and muscle strength while enhancing balance and preventing falls. In this workshop, we will guide you in the development of a personalized exercise program. Also, you will learn specific exercises targeted to strengthen the spine, hip and entire skeleton through exercise workshops.

Dr. Brown was warning women of the stress-osteoporosis link long before scientists noted that stress damages bone. For many years we have helped women understand that worry, anxiety and stress directly deplete bone. This damage occurs largely via the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal hormones of distress. In this workshop, Dr. Brown will help you learn how to reduce anxiety and create emotional resilience, mindfulness and peace of mind.


Expert BoneHealth Teachers

Expert Bone Health Teachers

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Dr. Susan Brown, PhD

Susan E. Brown, PhD, is a medical anthropologist, a NYS Certified Nutritionist, and the author of Better Bones, Better Body — the first comprehensive look at natural bone health. Dr. Susan Brown PhD has pioneered the natural approach to bone health for over 40 years. She was the first to prove that using only natural methods, nearly every woman can build strong bones for life. Incorporating her research and the latest science, her six-point natural program has helped tens of thousands of women take control of their bone health and enjoy long, active, happy lives.

Gina Galli RYT

Gina Galli RYT specializes in safe, bone-building exercise practices. She leads two informative & fun bone-safe yoga workshops in this retreat. Gina has studied under Sara Meeks and Dr. Loren Fishman. Gina's Exercise Evolution Community has over 100 full length yoga and exercise videos on demand, all crafted with safety and alignment in mind for those with skeletal concerns. In addition to being an amazing yoga teacher, she has assisted Dr. Susan Brown in a clinical setting for over 8 years. Gina helps our clients implement and work through their programs. Gina is a wealth of knowledge and will bring her special flavor to this weekend workshop!


Happy Attendees!

This seminar has been so helpful and hopeful with the abundance of information given to treat osteoporosis besides pharmaceutical drugs. 


I can't thank Dr. B and staff enough. I am blown away by the level and quality of the presentations, information and materials....I will be working with this for months to come. Exceeded my expectations—a great event!!


Dear Dr. Brown, the depth of your knowledge and compassion is limitless. Thank you for choosing to be such a beacon of light.


This retreat has been so amazing! Dr. Brown, thank you so much for all your knowledge and wisdom, and to all staff members who have been so supportive! I have learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it!


Amazing team, amazing leader to support our loving bones. Thank you, everyone, especially Dr. Brown.


Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us! This has been life changing for me!


Sample Itinerary

5:00–7:00 PM ESTCheck-in and Onboarding
7:00–8:30 PMKickoff + Dr. Brown's Lecture — Step 1: How to Assess Your Case
8:30–9:30 PMBreakout Groups with Other Participants
FRIDAY, june 10th
9:00–9:30 AM ESTMorning Movement
9:45–11:00 AMDr. Brown's Lecture — Step 2: Alkaline Diet for Bone Health
11:30–12:45 PMDr. Brown's Lecture  — Step 3: Key Bone Nutrients for Osteoporosis
Lunch Break
2:00–3:00 PMExercise Workshop #1 with Gina Galli RYT — Hip & Spine Strengtheners
3:00–4:30 PMBreakout Groups with Other Participants
Dinner Break
6:30–7:30 PMDr. Brown's Lecture— Step 4: Digestion & Detoxification As a Key Player
7:30–9:00 PMQ+A with Dr. Brown
9:00–9:30 PMGuided Meditation with Dr. Brown (Optional)
9:00–9:30 AM ESTMorning Movement
9:45–11:00 AMDr. Brown's Lecture — Step 5: Bone-Building Exercise
11:30–12:45 PMDr. Brown's Lecture  — Step 6: Stress & Worry Reduction
Lunch Break
2:00–3:00 PMExercise Workshop #2 with Gina Galli RYT — 12 Poses for Osteoporosis
3:00–4:30 PMBreakout Groups with Other Participants
Dinner Break
6:00–7:30 PMDr. Brown's Lecture — Understanding Bone Drugs
7:30–9:00 PMQ+A with Dr. Brown
9:00–9:30 PMYoga Nidra with Gina Galli RYT (Optional)
SUNDAY, June 12th
9:00–9:30 AM ESTMorning Movement
10:00–12:30 PMIntention Setting & Closing Remarks — Keeping Your Program Alive and Well
12:30–?Close Out with Your Breakout Group
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