Personalized Diet with Heather Falise

We are now offering a Diet & Supplement Review. In this 45-minute review of your diet & supplement regimen, Heather Falise (Dr. Brown’s key assistant and nutritionist) will review with you your diet and nutritional supplement program.

Heather will provide you with key recommendations on how to develop your own personalized “Alkaline for Life” eating program. She will also review your supplement program and show you the nutritional supplement options used here at the Center for Better Bones.

Diet recommendations will include a full review of your 3-day diet record and any pH readings that you send. Heather will be working in conjunction with Dr. Brown to provide an affordable introduction to the Better Bones, Alkaline for Life® Program.

Your supplement protocol will have the goal of delivering all of the 20 key bone building nutrients in optimum doses and in correct balance while also ensuring adequate levels of of dozens of key nutrients essential for whole body health.

You will also receive an Alkaline for Life® Diet Starter Kit, which includes a copy of the Acid Alkaline Food Guide, a 15’ roll of pH paper so you can send us your readings, as well as sample menus and handouts for the Alkaline for Life® Diet.

Additional follow-up appointments are available and will be billed as follows:
30 Mins – $45
45 Mins – $65
60 Mins – $85