Dr. Brown's Natural Allergy Solution


Join Dr. Brown in 2 group Zoom sessions where you'll have the chance to discuss and apply the natural strategies she shared in her presentation to free yourself from allergies and start feeling your best this spring and summer. You'll also be able to get support and learn from other attendees' experiences.

PLUS, Dr. Brown will reveal the ONE test you must get if you're struggling with severe allergies—a test your doctor probably doesn't even know about! This is a rare opportunity to get personalized advice and take control of your allergy symptoms using the natural methods that worked for Dr. Brown.

Buy full VIP access to the 3-hour event (Presentation + Pre & Post Private Group Zoom Sessions) on Thursday, April 13th @ 7–10 P.M. EST for $25.00 or upgrade to the Natural Allergy Kit (you’ll want this after watching the presentation!) and get the workshop for FREE

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**Email with Zoom link to follow purchase (within 24 hours). If you do not receive the Zoom link or need more help, please email helpdesk@alkalineforlife.com.